How can Ridley Scott clown on Blade Runner 2049 for being too long when his All the Money in the World is also too long?

Only Michelle Williams transcends the scatterbrained script confused about what story it wanted to tell, which makes the whole affair feel as long as the title.

Have I made it sufficiently clear that the movie’s too long?

Though I’m not sure this will save it, I’m curious how differently the flick will play removed from the Kevin Spacey narrative in the years to come. I found myself distracted — at no fault of the movie methinks — by trying to detect Spacey’s original footage from Christopher Plummer’s spliced-in reshoots.

Another behind-the-scenes narrative that either affected my perspective, or indeed the actual content: shortcuts seem to have been made throughout, either due to misguided decisions, or Ridley’s fast-paced shooting style. Though it’s impressive that this indefatigable octogenarian is now committed to finishing two movies per year — which he achieved in 2017 with this and the superior Alien: Covenant — All the Money in the World doesn’t instill much confidence in me that his newfound work ethic will garner as immaculate results.

Also — and again, maybe I’m projecting — Christopher Plummer’s performance doesn’t feel lived in. Then again, neither does Wahlberg’s, but that’s kind of a staple of his. At the very least, Plummer’s approach doesn’t come off as thoroughly contemplated as Williams’.  Based on the initial trailers, Spacey’s performance looks like it matched her performativeness, which the rest of the movie should’ve conformed to as well.

Also also, strictly as a cinephile, being able to compare two major actors’ interpretations of the exact same material would be unprecedented. Not sure that justifies releasing it though…

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