This Week in Music (January 26 – February 1, Part 1): Migooooooos’ CULTURE II

Since both albums released this week are too good to be clumped together into a usual “This Week in Music” piece, I shall tackle each individually. First up: Culture II, the sequel to Migooooooooos’ 2017 breakthrough:

At this point, any fan of popular music knows who Migos are, what they do, and whether or not you like them. Regardless of your personal subjective affection, it’s real hard not to vibe with them; their group-trap swag just groooooves, thanks in no small part to their now-signature lyrical flow for days defined by periodic interjections. Oh, and the producing is next level, as in, on a superior level to that on the first Culture; they further experiment with their base sound here, diversifying the bumping proceedings, making them even bumpier (in a good way).

Is the album a bit too long and a bit too monotonously repetitive, full of 24-songs that are each a bit too long and bit too monotonously repetitive? Sure…but I can’t imagine how many other 2018 releases will be as sheer fun to listen to. If you want a taste for the style of trap music that’s taken over the rap game of late, Culture II offers perhaps the most definitive flavor on the market today (speaking of flavorful tastes, “Stir Fry” might be my personal favorite jam of theirs EVER; yes, even better than “Bad and Boujee,” their current claim-to-fame).

OOOOOR maybe I like Culture 2 so much because of this lyric in the song “Narcos: “Snub nose with potatoes,” which made me delusionally happy for the remainder of the album. Close acquaintances of mine will know why, but for the rest of you luckier souls: my puppy corgi’s name is Potato (shout-out to my girlfriend for coming up with it; then again, why shout out someone who will never read this anyways?), and now I’ve basically been exclusively calling her “snub nose Potato” since hearing the song, much to my girlfriend’s annoyed chagrin (that’s what she gets for not reading my writing!). Anyways, in the name of #content, and to thank everyone for ACTUALLY visiting Write All Nite, here’s a picture of my snub nose baby, whose ginormous shnozz is anything but snubbed:


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