Theatre News Roundup

There’s been a lot of recent theatre news fit to print responses to. You know what that means: Time for another theatre news roundup!

For those new around these parts, all you need to know is that my commentary below was originally written for Twitter, thus the abbreviated and sometimes oddly-structured jargon:

Also, Danya Taymor is a director to watch, with both this and Queens at LCT3 this season.

P.S. Playwright Jordan Harrison and director Oliver Butler (THE DEBATE SOCIETY!!!) are also dynamos, so add this one to your lists peeps!

If you want to read too many words about the Cats revival that’s a part of this season: voila!

Click here for a fab review of it courtesy of our friends at The Play’s The Thing UK.

Since he’s one of the few performers who can singlehandedly open a new musical on the Great White Way, I’d vastly prefer him to focus on TOTALLY original material. The Greatest Showman is now a brand name in itself; it doesn’t need Hugh to be successful on Broadway.

Also, here’s my response to his theory that these sippy cups contribute to an infantilized environment that condones childish behavior in theatres:


China Doll is one of the hardest I’ve ever laughed in a Broadway theater. In terms of sheer entertainment, I definitely got my money’s worth (the tix were free).

I support this for more reasons than just the fact that I’m a huge stan of his (and he deserves a Tony). So many plays should be trying to rush into the few available theaters this season. As of right now, my noms would be 1984, Leguizamo, Meteor Shower, and Farinelli. Yikes.

(I hope it actually happens; this uber-general announcement is in no way a confirmation).

They should cast performers from the Gabriels/Apple Family plays to reinforce Nelson’s temporally interconnected conception of history.

UPDATE: Look at this! They cast two of them!


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