This Week in Music

A packed week in music, and yet I only got around to listening to two of the SEVEN albums on my list.

My apologies to the Flatbush Zombies, Kali Uchs, Kylie Minogue, Alina Baraz, Lil Xan, and Eric Bellinger; I promise to cover your work in future weeks.



Invasion of Privacy — Cardi B

I maintain that she’s merely Nicki Minaj-lite, both of whom are Missy Elliot wannabes. I kept thinking of Camila Cabello while listening to the album, not because their styles are similar (obviously), but rather because they both made their names with hit singles (“Bodak Yellow” and “Havana”, respectively) before releasing albums that pale in comparison. They’re good reminders that one quality song does not necessarily mean a musician is ready to craft as expansive of a personal musical identity as is required to make an album sing. There’s a reason only “Bodak Yellow” can stand toe-to-toe with the two singles Minaj just released, particularly in regards to the producing. What a wonderfully-transparent “Forgot About Dre” move from Nicki; did anyone really think such a combatively proud lady wouldn’t protect her corner?!  Just because Cardi’s new doesn’t mean she’s necessarily doing anything new.

Dex Meets Dexter

Dex Meets Dexter — Famous Dex

I have nothing to say about this album. Take that for what it’s worth (not much). I’m just at a loss regarding what makes ANY of these songs remarkable in ANY way (with one exception: the beat on A$AP Rocky’s feature). It’s never good when the most creative part of an album is its cover (the video-game “M for Mature” rating in the bottom left corner).

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