This Week in Music

An unremarkable week in music, with not much to remark on for each album:


Cosmic — Bazzi

Khalid-lite, but more pop and less R&B.


Bless Yo Trap — Smokepurpp & Murda Beatz

Props to Smokepurpp for continuing to exhibit his seemingly-unlimited range. Let’s just hope his next venture avoids the overproduced-trap end of the musical spectrum.


The Longshot — The Longshot

For anyone who’s ever somehow doubted that Green Day’s musical identity has always been predominately a reflection of Billie Joe Armstrong, look no further than this three-song EP. Billed as the debut of his new band, it could easily be mistaken as outtakes from Green Day’s last album.


Rearview Town — Jason Aldean

Prototypical — but still somewhat enjoyable — country rock.


Hear No Evil — Young Thug

Most people wouldn’t consider three songs enough to constitute an album, but those people would be wrong. Now that I’ve justified why I’m including this collection here, I’m sad to report that I have nothing more to say about it. Never a good sign! Well, I guess I can mention that Young Thug’s better when he’s not derivatively trapping.

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