Single(s) of the Week

For the first time in the storied history of this column (all one month of it), the conditional parenthetical in its title proved unnecessary: I ended up, wonder-of-wonders miracle-of-miracles, choosing only one single to be crowned with the super duper prestigious title of the SOLE Single of the Week!

Unfortunately, I don’t have much to write about it. For my faithful readers so unaccustomed to such brevity that you simply don’t know what to do with yourself, may I direct you to a recent piece that I could’ve given the moniker “Music Video of the Week.” Or, there’s always the 1,000 words I deployed to cover last week’s albums.

But without further adieu, THE ONE AND ONLY Single of the Week!:

That beat; not even 2 Chainz can ruin it! But it obviously can’t compare to the last time Minaj slaughtered a group of male rappers on a feature.

Ta-da! All finished! Now you have the rest of your day whatever it is you do when you’re not laboring through my excessive verbosity….

…What’s that? You want a runner-up? Don’t mind if I do:

Uptempo-Disclosure-lite. Diplo gets a lot of shit for his dumb-white-bro persona…which I actually think is somewhat of an act…and if I was in a particularly pretentious mood, I could write an entire piece about how it’s a sort of performance art commentary on the mainstreaming of EDM scene…which Diplo helped to create…but that’s a post for another day! All of this is to say: his talents as a producer are more multi-faceted than most give him credit for.

Oh! That use of my usual “lite” formulation reminds me of another quasi-banger from this week:


Speaking of whom! I’d be remiss not to include here Drake’s diss track in response to Pusha T’s Daytona, an album I’ll review in this week’s forthcoming Album Roundup.

The 6-God’s mostly known for his sexy-ass producing (and his sexy ass in general), but never forget he’s got some bars too. Maybe it should’ve been titled “Forget About Drake”

I hope you still have enough time to enjoy the rest of your day!

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