Single(s) of the Week

A mixed-bag this week, with candies sweet and sour alike!

Let’s start with the former:

I’m all about that Japan-tinged beat. A$AP MOB FOR LIFE!!!

No one produces like Swizz Beatz produces. Straight aughts right here.

I wouldn’t call the next three “tinkles”, but they’re by no means some of the singles of the week, even if they’re worth mentioning for the following reasons:

WTF is Weezer doing?! First it was “Rosanna” last week, and now another conventional cover of a classic. They’re obviously great songs…but still…like…why?! Are they trolling? Or is it a commentary on this era of remixes, which could also be considered equally cheap covers? I DON’T UNDERSTAND!!!

Speaking of covers, a rare showtune appearance in my music coverage! It’s off Sutton Foster’s Take Me to the World, and even though I don’t review cover albums, how could I ignore anything having to do with The Bridges of Madison County? This Jason Robert Brown musical adaptation is near and dear to my heart for a cornucopia of reasons, but I’m not sure Sutton Foster’s voice fits the material; the high-pitched register she goes with here lacks the gravitas the song requires to (pardon me for this one) sing.

The most on-brand that on-brand can get. If it happens to be your preferred brand, drink up!

And for the second week in a row, I can’t end without bringing up the Beef of the Week Year, which has now also somewhat treaded into cover territory. Most would probably consider Pusha T’s response to Drake’s response to Pusha’s original diss the Single of the Week. Though he lyrically scorches Drizzy, am I allowed to be a bit disappointed that he simply regurgitates Jay-Z’s “The Story of O.J.” beat? I know diss tracks have long been focused almost exclusively on the vocals, probably a product of how quickly they need to be churned out in the heat of the beef. But at least the 6-God’s “Duppy Freestyle” went with some original producing, as minimalist as it may be.

For my money, excluding “Infrared” — the start of a beef can’t compete for the crown because it’s the only song afforded as much time as necessary to be worked on — the pinnacle of this back-and-forth remains Drake’s “I’m Upset”, which would’ve been the Single of the Week if I hadn’t already discussed it. Besides the superior producing — it’s the only beat that contains even a smidge of thoughtful construction — the lyrics delve deeper than the usual superficial flame-throwing of reciprocal dissing. Staying #OnBrand, Drake explores the emotional effects of a beef; it’s the filet mignon to the others’ skirt steak.

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