Benedict CumberHitch

Waaaaay back in March 2021, I shared the following observation in response to The Courier:

“Anyone else get North by Northwest vibes here? A fish-out-of-water, Everyman-in-over-his-head stumbles and bumbles — but always suavely and intellectually — his ultimately-expert way into plots of global proportions exceedingly above his everyday pay-grade, with quips galore that express a self-awareness of the absurdity of an average Joe caught up in the highest game of life-and-death stakes, poking fun at the shenanigans while also remaining clear about the potential global ramifications. Like Cary Grant before him, Benedict Cumberbatch cuts a regal figure, which almost inherently juxtaposes the word-perfect definition of an Everyman; they’re less demographic Everymen and more whom the audience would like to see themselves as.”

Well, apparently casting-directors agree:

“Netflix has greenlit a limited series based on the classic thriller The 39 Steps, with Benedict Cumberbatch set to play the lead role…an ordinary man who becomes a pawn in a vast conspiracy to reset the world order.”

If only Hitch was still around to give us his reaction…

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