Best and Worst

Are you aware that a (live) “Theatre Hall of Fame” exists?!

Cool, nor was I, but the news of this year’s inductees got me thinking:

Where’s the Hall of Fame for Cinema??

And no, the Hollywood Walk of Fame does not suffice.

The Academy’s long-awaited (or am I the only one waiting?) museum sounds like a fitting — and well-funded — locale for the venture.

Anyways, let’s imagine we’re helping them with construction. Few would argue that Al Pacino deserves his own wing, in which there would be clips of his many shining moments. Allow me to suggest an unlikely choice for inclusion:

The drugged-up rave sequence from Cruising.

This is where a normal writer would provide a hyperlink to — or even embed — the scene in question. But such a cinematic orgy must be experienced in context.

Oh, and why is there no corresponding museum for the Theatre Hall of Fame, like there is for most HOFs? Looks like this is the closest we’ve got:

“The Dorothy Strelsin Theater Hall of Fame Collection of theater memorabilia is displayed on the second floor lobby of the Gershwin Theatre. Twenty Two exhibition cases contain items donated by 60 Theater Hall of Fame inductees.”

So you’re telling me it’s locked behind Wicked tickets? Seems like it could stand to be blown out, and The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center would be the aptest venue; they might have some loose change lying around now to make it happen.

Harvey, I love ya.

From the best, to “the worst” from the best:

“Deliberately bad art” probably sounds like an oxymoron in terms, hatched from the mind of a moron. 

But when “great” artists task themselves with creating “bad” art, the results can’t help but become a juxtaposed commentary on what they consider to be “good” art. Which, in turn, can’t help but deconstruct the very notions of “good” and “bad”, and the flimsiness of those concepts.

Oh, forgot to mention:

These thoughts come to you courtesy of the songs from Ishtar

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