IN TRANSIT (Broadway)

Does anyone else still want to hear the “Director’s Cut” of In Transit that axes the score-tanking beatboxing?

Speaking of directors, this is probably Kathleen Marshall’s worst work on Broadway…ever?

To compensate for lacking the musical momentum customarily provided by an orchestra, this completely a cappella musical — a first for the Great White Way — desperately needed deeply-observed characters navigating a captivating story, which are nowhere to be found amongst this summer theatre school schlock.

To make matters worse, the excessively-obvious subway-humor panders to audience’s base desire to feel cool by “GETTING” referential humor.

Though the financial failure of In Transit may diminish the likelihood of similar musical ventures finding their way to Broadway in the foreseeable future, I’m still bullish that a quality a cappella musical is very much possible.

[Cut to: Yours truly slogging his way through the inevitable adaptation of Pitch Perfect].

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