J vs. B

I generally prefer JAY-Z’s music to Beyoncé’s, BUT:

Lemonade >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 4:44

That’s more a testament to Lemonade’s otherworldliness, whereas 4:44 fits comfortably in J’s GOAT oeuvre, neither near the top nor bottom. It suffers from unavoidable comparisons — some self-inflicted, others just based on expectations alone — to B’s masterpiece, one of the best albums of the century.

The biggest problem with 4:44 is the producing. It’s nice to hear the lyrics so clearly, but the beats are a little too low in the mix, though that admittedly might be a necessary offshoot of the intended soft jazz vibe, which is definitely not my favorite genre of hip-hop. The amount of different registers J can operate in is exceedingly impressive, and it’s nothing against him but rather me that I prefer his more upbeat, aggressive side.

Also, “Family Feud FEATURING Beyoncé” is a reeeeeeeal stretch; she BARELY appears in it.

Also also, not sure what to make of all the questionably-negative references to Jews…just gonna leave that one there and move on.

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