SYRE (Jaden Smith)

Jaden Smith’s Syre is nepotism at its finest.

Yes, his family — you may be familiar with his parents: Will and Jada Pinkett — literally afforded him the opportunity to make the album, but that should in no way diminish his impressive, thoughtful rapping and his creatively dynamic productions, combining for refreshingly-layered song compositions.

It’s a convenient fallacy to believe that everyone’s work would be of equal quality if born into Jaden’s same advantages, thus invalidating any criticism that cites his privileged backgroud. At worst, he wears his latter-day-Kanye-influence a bit too transparently on his sleeve. But hey, up and comers usually skew too closely to their idols before coming up with their own signature as their careers progress.

And what’s most important here is that this debut should make everyone excited to track Jaden’s future.

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