One Door Closes…

For those who believed that John Oliver’s recent treatment of Dustin Hoffman during their now-infamous Q+A would scare away others from booking the former for similar public conversations, I always maintained that any cancellations would be more than made up for by these sorts of sociopolitical-entertainment events:


But honestly, all things considered, I don’t think Oliver would’ve given a shit even if his actions had dried up such opportunities. The world needs more people similarly willing to sacrifice their livelihood for the greater good (though it’s probably not much of a financial sacrifice for him since all this conforms to his lucrative brand with HBO, who’ll keep letting him cash their checks for many years to come).

Did he blindside Hoffman? Yes, deliberately so, because: Was Dustin ever going to agree to sit down to talk about these allegations? Most probably not. And even if he did, the subsequent discourse would be on the accused’s planned terms, which would allow his expensive crisis management team to feed him prepared remarks.

It’s too-important to force these powerful men to confront their past behavior however we can, even if it leads to ugly results (which are nowhere near as ugly as the original alleged incident). And since so many other women have since come forward with stories of their own that further describe Hoffman’s immorality, I think history has vindicated Oliver on this one…

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