Double Features! The Sequel!! (now with a triple-feature included!!!)

And now, for some more double features:

Back in 2017, I started detecting trends across various pieces of art, sometimes from different mediums. Near the end of the year, I paired together different movies that, if screened back to back, would enrich their connective themes by putting them in such close conversation with each other. Here are some more along those lines:

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri and In the Fade follow mourning mothers lost in their vengeful pursuit for unattainable justice

Mother! and Phantom Thread gloriously satirize prototypical narratives centered around male artists subjugating their female muses to the darkly-hilarious horrors of the artistic process.

The experimental theatre piece Margarete (recently performed in New York City at the Public Theater’s Under the Radar Festival), the 2017 documentary Dawson City: Frozen Time (robbed of an Oscar nomination!), and the 2018 experimental film The Green Fog post-modernly utilize preexisting found footage to explore how all modern artists inherit old stories and make them new, thereby excavating the very act of storytelling and its relation to the human tendency, or perhaps even need to narrativize both life and our lives.

3 thoughts on “Double Features! The Sequel!! (now with a triple-feature included!!!)

  1. Anonymous

    Much as baseball doubleheaders are a thing of the past due to economics, there also used to be movie double features. Expounding on your writings above, a perfect double feature would be today’s “Post” followed by “All the President’s Men”.


    1. A few repertory theaters across the country still hold double-features regularly! The New Beverly Cinema in LA is probably the most famous. They’re like the historical antecedents of today’s binge culture on TV…


  2. Anonymous

    Believe it or not, the best venue for a double feature used to be the Drive in Theatre. Many a good date was extended by the “two for the price of one”


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