AS SHE PLEASES (Madison Beer)

Apple Music describes Madison Beer’s As She Pleases like so: “Sultry, smoky R&B from a superstar in the making.” Though these spiels usually reek of marketing hyperbole, in this case, I couldn’t have said it better myself!  May I just add, starting with some self-promotion of my own:

Beer’s EP yet again proves the validity of my conclusion to Write All Nite’s 2017 New Year’s resolution that electronic music has completely reinvigorated R&B. Yet unlike many other recent examples, As She Pleases mixes in a healthy dose of pop — I’d argue it’s an almost unhealthy amount, but perhaps that’s just my R&B > pop preference talking — which makes sense: since electronic music is so popular now, it might as well conquer pop as well.

Now I just want more: more electro-pop-R&B in general (maybe one day I’ll coin a pithier moniker for this burgeoning genre) and more from Beer specifically; seven songs that together run a mere 20 minutes just isn’t enough!

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