AMEN (Rich Brian)

Rich Brian is a rapper from Indonesia whose sound is — at least for the most part — as distinct as the phrase “a rapper from Indonesia.”

The producing runs the gamut of different styles, but even when he dabbles in more traditional trap and R&B beats — such as on “Attention”; the involvement of MIGOOOOOOS‘ Offset basically guarantees you’re in trap territory — Brian’s (to borrow some Indonesian imagery) lyrical typhoons of relentless words diversifies them from the average norm, keeping the proceedings flowing at a charged clip.

Also, you should come for the rap, but stay for one of the weirdest last minutes of any album…I’m inclined to say in recent memory, but maybe — warning: hyperbole ahead — ever? After nonstop rap, it’s definitely jarring — in a good way…I think? — to end with a spoken, almost sad conversation about the death of Michael Scott. Yes, this Michael Scott:



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