A (Brief) Sports Tangent

The 76ers should 1000000% announce RIGHT NOW that Markelle Fultz won’t play this season.

Let everyone freak out ASAP so that it won’t distract Philly on its stretch run towards what should be the #1 focus: making the playoffs.

The best part about this hypothetical announcement: it wouldn’t be binding! He can still come back and play whenever! Though personally, I wouldn’t let him out of fear of disrupting on-court chemistry, which could negatively affect the playoff push’s success.

Look how the Celtics have handled Hayward’s injury this season: they said he probably won’t play, thus removing any and all pressure. And if he does, what a bonus! Under-promise, over-deliver. Lowered expectations are way easier to exceed. Now, whether or not Hayward himself might discombobulate Boston is another matter entirely.

But based on how the team’s been playing of late, perhaps they need a shake-up…

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