GLOCK BOND (Key Glock)

Key Glock’s Glock Bond is an album of missed opportunities, beginning with the very first track:

As the title suggests, “Hot” is a delightfully-nostalgic homage to MIMS’ far superior cult classic “This Is Why I’m Hot,” one of the most memorable hip-hop jams from my high school days.

Yet instead of continuing the song’s echoey simplicity over the rest of the album, Glock Bond devolves into tried, true, and tired trap (though he admittedly does maintain a pleasing flow throughout).

Another missed opportunity: “Shun Kemp” at first looks like an Uber-creative play-on-words…until you start considering what it actually means.

And in that regard, I’m at a total loss. If my name was Key Glock (lol), I probably would’ve changed it to Shun Hemp, and made it all about how hemp rolling papers are the worst. Is anyone else with me?!

Anywho, one final missed opportunity: the chorus of “Count Up” literally counts up in pairs from 1-16, rhyming each duo like so:

Original, right?! Unfortunately, the actual verses are as standard as the producing. Why not count up all the way to 100 for the entire song, rhyming every numbered pair along the way?!

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