This Week in Singles

To complement my ‘This Week in Music’ recaps, I’ll now also be sharing thoughts on various singles released every week.

Note: If the single comes from an upcoming album, I’ll just wait for the latter to listen.

This inaugural post includes:

  • Post Malone’s “Psycho” featuring Ty Dolla $ign
  • 5 Seconds of Summer’s “Want You Back”
  • DJ Khaled’s “Top Off” featuring JAY-Z, Future & Beyoncé
  • XXXTENTACION’s “Sad!” and “Changes”
  • Flo Rida’s “Dancer”
  • Joyner Lucas & Chris Brown’s “Stranger Things”
  • David Guetta, Martin Garrix & Brooks’ “Like I Do”
  • Sia, David Guetta & Afrojack’s “Helium”
  • Sean Paul & David Guetta’s “Mad Love” featuring Becky G
  • Logic’s “44 More” and “Overnight”
  • Logic & Marshmello’s “Everyday”
  • ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic’s “The Hamilton Polka”

A new member of 2018’s SHOOT IT STRAIGHT INTO MY FUCKING VEINS List! I’m a big fan of Post Malone’s singing-rap style, which I like to call auto-crooning given his overbearing — but still bearable — autotune. His only rivals in this regard are — off the top of my head — Russ and Khalid, all of whom can seamlessly sing a hook into equally-good rapping:

Has Five Seconds of Summer ever heard of HAIM? Obviously many songs share the same title, but releasing another less than one year after a major single seems…odd?

This doesn’t touch the level of DJ Khaled’s output last year, AKA: Despite the world class names attached, we won’t be hearing this one too many times in the coming months, unlike his 2017 bangers. What’s Khaled good for without a catchy beat? It sounds more like a Rick Ross track. Also, Future continues to suck:

Meanwhile, XXXTentacion continues to showcase his seemingly-unlimited range of styles. If other artists can’t copy his diverse productivity, at the very least they should heed his brevity:

Speaking of diversifying, peg me as STUNNED that Mr. Apple Bottom Jeans would ever release something as poppy as this…AND I AM FUCKING HERE FOR IT!!! It’s such a hysterically shocking transition that the song has already made 2018’s SHOOT IT STRAIGHT INTO MY FUCKING VEINS List. By the by, I only recently realized Flo Rida is simply Florida separated by a space. Embarrassing, I know. Anyways, I belatedly congratulate Flo Rida on a fantastic name!

Dare I say, hints of André 3000 (but obviously not nearly as good):

Dear Mr. Guetta: shit like this is why I might need to stop listening to everything you release out of respect for the role you served in introducing me to EDM back in the day:

And then there’s this shitty nonsense (all respect to Sia’s vocals, though):

In fairness, shit like this isn’t THAT shitty…but I have a feeling it’s more Sean Paul’s doing since he’s billed first:

I think we’ve reached our shit quota for one post.

Logic’s WPM (words-per-minute) is higher than most other popular rappers. But this jam isn’t only about the lyrics; that beat is fire too, and he just totally annihilates it. Another member of 2018’s SHOOT IT STRAIGHT INTO MY FUCKING VEINS List!

He’s not as impressive slowed down, though I’m feeling the old-school video-game inspired (sampled?) beat:

So far I’m out on Marshmello. I dig the Drake vibe, but I think it’s due more to the flow of Logic’s auto-crooning than the subpar producing:

A deceptively-bumping beat:

Am I on acid?

No other words for this wonderful weirdness, except to say it’s easily my favorite single of the week…and yet another member of 2018’s SHOOT IT STRAIGHT INTO MY FUCKING VEINS List!

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