This Week in Singles

Some thoughts on the new music singles released this week:

We need more of this sort of experimental wordplay (the repetition!). Buddy’s up to the task more than his guest A$AP Ferg:

Is there anything Run the Jewels can’t do?

Appreciating this remix requires familiarity with Lorde’s fantastic original:

Not for nothing, but this is rather brilliant tour marketing given the fact Lorde and Run the Jewels are about to embark on a global trek together.

Some more deft marketing. Apple Music credits this song as a joint venture between Kelly Clarkson and Hoda Kotb — yes, THAT Hoda — not because the latter is featured on the track, but because the whole shebang was inspired by her book of the same name. Its touching true-life story makes me feel better about so enjoying such a straightforward mix of country and pop. But like. isn’t that Clarkson’s speciality, and why we’ve — wait for it — LOVED HER SINCE FOREVER?! Thank you thank you I’ll be here all…life?

Before I even knew the song’s backstory, I wrote, “Short and enchanting enough to be a lullaby.” Kudos to Clarkson for reflecting her inspiration.

I think I’ve expressed this sentiment too many times before, but I will always and forever respect any and all artists experimenting with their sound. With that being said…will Whiz ever go back to churning out uplifting rap? He could’ve owned that corner, and not many others have replaced him…except for the superior wunderkind that is Chance. Did he scare Whiz off?

Its sound very much lives up to the song’s self-described role as THE 2018 World Cup Anthem:

Better than Pitbull’s 2014 abomination…

…but can’t compare to 2010’s masterpiece:

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