A Random Thought

I rarely get political here on Write All Nite (unless I’m evaluating a particularly political work of art).

But I fleshed out this random thought the other day, and I figured: Why not share!

2nd Amendment defenders’ complete faith in the totality of a historical text (the Constitution) must be related to a belief in religious texts. Even if the latter were allegedly written by a God, the human act of translating a deity’s words into writing required a more direct connection with God than most feel now.

Since clearly these ancestors must’ve been closer with the higher-powers-that-be than our present indirect faith, some people comfort themselves with the useful fallacy that past generations were somehow more capable of understanding the world and how it operates. These believers — who order the untenable chaos of life through an external belief system dictated by others more “enlightened” than them — can’t face the potential reality that their forebears were just as confused as all of us.

I guess some of us would prefer to rely on pre-existing belief structures shared by groups; others would rather forge into an unknown future. Both serve their purposes, and balance each other out (some structure is always necessary).

As always, moderation is the name of the game.


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