Single(s) of the Week

If you have an aversion to reading the word shit, tread no further here.

For everyone else, we’ll be discussing the opposite of shit, with the exception of right now:

Back in the day (i.e. two months ago), I shared my thoughts on EACH single I listened to EVERY week.

After a few such posts, I came to the realization that simply too much shit comes out every seven days to comment on ALL of it. And I do mean both meanings of “shit” —   there’s too much shit to listen to, and too much of it is shit. Since thinking of creative ways to say “this is shit” gets real tired real quick, I decided to forgo these weekly singles updates. I figured the ones most worth your time would wind up on my SHOOT IT STRAIGHT INTO MY FUCING VEINS Lists anyways.

But from then to now, a couple of songs deserved to be recognized in a middle ground between shit and THE shit. Since I never want to let my readers down (and since I try to write about ALL the art I spend precious time consuming), I’ve decided to start informing y’all about ONLY my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE singles week in and week out. Instead of mentioning every track — no matter how shitty — blasted through my ear canals on a weekly basis, I shall simply focus on the best (IMO). If no single released in a given week are worthy of this distinguished crown, a post like this I will not post. If multiple earn this esteemed title, multiple will be included.

This week is just such a week!

What’s up with banging corporate soundtracks this year?! First Wendy’s, then Apple, now this shocking — and shockingly good — collaboration, which is far removed enough from the Breakfast at Tiffany’s original to qualify for this week’s shared-crown (unlike Frank Ocean’s more straightforward rendition from earlier this year, which hewed too close to be considered anything other than an ineligible cover, not a new single).

Holy beat! Holy flow! Holy sex!

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