Welcome to the second of these new Single(s) of the Week posts.

Now pardon me while I completely forsake the format outlined in last week’s inaugural edition.

I’M SORRY FOR BEING SO INCONSISTENT!!! But that’s what happens when this pop-head stumbles across a dynamo new voice, who — my girlfriend *politely* informs me — is anything but new.

Here’s what happened.

I was listening through the week’s singles — as I do — minding my own business — as usual (my girlfriend would *politely* disagree — when I came across this track:

My initial thoughts:

New-age pop courtesy of Meghan Trainor, expressing a general sentiment that I’ve personally never heard uttered in a lover’s squabble. But pop’s always been about fantasies, right?!

Then, being the curious rover that I am, I delved a little deeper into Trainor’s back catalogue. And wouldn’t ya know, she’s already released two other bangers this year, AND THEY INDEED BANG!!!

I’m in no way trying to claim that I discovered this unknown diamond in the rough that is modern pop. Not only is Meghan Trainor already somewhat of a household name — at least according to my *polite* girlfriend — her style is also anything but new.


Summer’s upon us! It’s time for a carefree rocking good time!!

So turn off your brain, throw on some skimpy clothing, lace up your dancing shoes, and hop aboard this rollicking Train(or)!

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