Single(s) of the Week

When initially detailing the format of these new “Single(s) of the Week” posts, I forgot to mention two stipulations:

  1. No advance single off an upcoming album will be eligible for these weekly rankings; I always prefer to wait to hear a song for the first time in the context of the overall work in which it will always exist for future listeners. There will of course be exceptions, mostly because some artists release singles before announcing they’ll appear on a forthcoming album (I have a feeling the Jennifer Lopez tracks mentioned below will be just the latest example). But since I’m not privy to such information in the moment…
  2. Originally, I thought that the singles touched upon in these weekly updates would be comprised of songs too good to be ignored, but not good enough to be included in my periodic SHOOT IT STRAIGHT INTO MY FUCKING VEINS Lists. With that being said, the very best of them could eventually find their way into my veins. Repetition ain’t such a bad thing when dealing with the best of the best! Maybe the dual mentions will be just the reminders y’all need to actually give them a spin stream.

Now let’s get streaming:

A beat that will be remixed endlessly because it’s so damn listenable and repeatable, probably the reason the song goes on a tad too long.

DISCLOSURE BACK…with the litest elevator music? Clearly they didn’t discover a radically new sound during their two-year hiatus. The only drastic difference here from their signature formula is what I like to call the “Despacito” Effect: after that smash hit, more musicians have felt comfortable going with non-English vocals.

Not the J-Lo single actually released this week, but that disappointment jogged my memory that I still needed to listen to her three other 2018 tracks. Skrillex — one of the few mainstream DJs who’s sold out to the masses with an easily digestible sound without sacrificing quality — elevates this one over the rest (prediction: “Dinero” — her aforementioned and afore-hyperlinked-to latest — will be the most popular, and probably a big hit; Khaled and Cardi won’t hurt in that regard).

Russ can’t miss this year. If he ends up compiling all of his disparate singles released over the last few months into an album, it’s easily going to be one of 2018’s best. Such flow, so much groove.

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