Singles of the Week, Part 1

What a week for singles!

A grand total of 15 were released that piqued my interest. Even more impressive: they’re all worth a listen for one reason or another (or even multiple reasons)!

To celebrate this bounteous wealth, I shall dig up my old format for these posts and comment on each. I’m not even going to list them in order of my personal preference, because I don’t want you to think you can just take my top choice for a spin and then ignore the rest! Sit down with these!! They deserve it!!!

Since stuffing all of my commentary into one piece would bloat it past the length of my usual treatises, breaking them into two separate articles will have to do.

Part 1:

Chance and Daniel Caesar on the same track? LET’S. FUCKING. GO!!!!!!

Even though Lanez is listed first, the song bears much more of Rich the Kid’s mark of overproduced-crooning goodness.

Even though Whiz is the credited artist, this R&B feels more like a product of its featured guest.

A$AP Ferg starts things off on that Kid Cudi grind, then Gallant’s POP&B takes over. I actually wasn’t familiar with him previously, which I now want to rectify. Kudos!

Demi leaves behind her recent forays into EDM to flaunt the natural prowess of her soaring pipes, allowing them to shine over a quietly-melodic production. Given the subject matter — succinctly described by the title — this pared down approach heightens the substance of her lyrics.

6LACK’s mastery of constructing sonically-distinct and differentiated productions that emphasize the endearing particularities of his voice is 6-God-esque

It’s hard not to hear this emo-laced, guitar-based rap-riff without thinking of the recently-departed XXXTentacion. Trippie will have to keep expanding the anti-boxed-in limits of hip-hop in XXX’s stead.

And just like that, Trippie reminds us why he’s no Tentacion, who never would’ve released such conventionality.

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