Meek’s out the slammer, and back with four songs, one different from the next, but all boasting his inimitable sound.

Weirdly, the single he chose to release ahead of time to tease Legends of the Summer — the closing “Stay Woke” — is the weakest moment of this micro-package (its lyrics address the current sociopolitical climate more than the others, perhaps the reason he may have wanted to foist it into the spotlight).

“Dangerous” matches the R&B flavor of the producing on “Stay Woke”, albeit with a bit more hints of EDM.

Finally, “1am” and ESPECIALLY “Millidelphia” (Swizz Beats!!!) make me want to punch my fists through some walls out of sheer debaucherous revelry. AKA: they’re Meek at his best.

A final thought regarding “Millidelphia”: even though the chorus’ call-and-response could be understood as yet another rapper crowing about the power of his own prowess, I think it actually relates to to Matthew 5:5: “Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth” (rappers quote the Bible as much as they quote their own financial quotes). And in the 21st century, American society turns everyday citizens into the meek through the prison-industrial complex, a fact Meek understands all too well. And most aren’t famous enough to inspire social media to clamor for their deserved freedom…

Let’s hope those forced into meekness will indeed inherit the world of America one day…   

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