Album Roundup: Feb. 1-7

An inordinately strong group this week:

Image result for Outer Peace — Toro y Moi

Outer Peace — Toro y Moi

Holy 21st century Funk! Some may call it Deep Techno R&B; I call it the best album of 2019 (so far).

Image result for Remind Me Tomorrow — Sharon Van Etten

Remind Me Tomorrow — Sharon Van Etten

Florence + the MGMT.

maxresdefault (81)

VIDA — Luis Fonsi

Suave. Smooth. Sex. You may want to sleep with him, but don’t sleep on the producing.

Image result for Famous Cryp — Blueface

Famous Cry — Blueface

Spoken-rap slapped with melodious, free-flowing swag; now let’s find a producer up to Blue’s snuff. 2019: the year weird rap takes over the genre?

Image result for amo — Bring Me the Horizon

amo — Bring Me the Horizon

I usually find unusual, awesomely unclassifiable music to be unclassifiably awesome, even when that eclecticism toes the line between awesome and awful. For a taste of the dizzyingly-diverse styles on this album, here’s an excerpt — think of it as a running diary — from my notebook chronicling my attempts to figure out how to classify its genre:      

  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Pop-EDM?
  • Heavy Metal Fall Out Boy?
  • Heavy Metal Kidz Bop?
  • Or is it Kidz Bop Heavy Metal??
  • Is there a difference???
  • If hard rock’s on one end of a spectrum, and heavy metal’s on the other, what should we call music that splits the difference? Heavy Rock? Hard Metal? Does “Hard” sound less intense than “Heavy”?
  • Trance?!?!
  • More like Run the Jewels’ brand of electronic music?
  • So does that make it Electronic Rock??
  • Or Electronic Metal???

Exhausting, right????????

Image result for Ain't Nothin to It — Cody Johnson

Ain’t Nothing to It — Cody Johnson

Close your eyes.

Imagine the sound of THE prototypical, most basic-bitch male country crooner.

Now, open your eyes.

Great, I just saved you the trouble of having to listen to this album.

A song titled “Y’all People” dedicated to the “CoJo Nation”? Is he commenting on the racism —  with “y’all people” being the southern corollary of “you people” — inflicted upon indigenous tribes? Oh, CoJo Nation is the name of his fans, as in, Cody Johnson Nation? Classic. Be less stereotypical, Dick!

Image result for Still Swervin — G Herbo

Still Swervin — G Herbo

More like Nil Swervin, AMIRITE?!

A pitfall of hitting it big: what happened to the bootstrap intensity of Herbo’s early work, a ruggedness that’s difficult to maintain when trying so hard to swerve into the paved lane of the mainstream? Hopefully it’s just a bump early in his road to merging the two (lol, what a mixed metaphor).

Quasi-related question: is Juice WLRD the bootleg Post Malone?

Image result for DNA — Backstreet Boys

DNA — Backstreet Boys

More like the Whacksheeeeeet Oys, AMIRITE?!

Stray Take:

Image result for maggie rogers heard it in a past life

Heard It In A Past Life — Maggie Rogers

I properly reviewed this album last week, but alas, I have a new comp for Maggie after listening to it again (and again…and again…and, yes, again): a poppier Sara Bareilles!

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