A’s and B’s

Drunk Parents’ ADR dependence is exhibit of how comedies overlook (pun intended; you’ll see) the importance of visual components to onscreen humor (did you see?).

(Which, I guess, is another pun, because we’re dealing with optical matters?)

((Ok, I’ll stop now))

There seems to be a pervasive notion amongst comic filmmakers — a label encompassing more than just the director — that everything can be fixed in post, which is wrongheaded because:

A) It breeds a flippant, underrehearsed, and — frankly — lazy approach.


B) Reshoots often aren’t possible for indies perpetually short on resources.

In other news:

Hollywood would be wise to implement a moratorium on unironic endings that include:

A) The title of the movie being uttered in the last line of dialogue


B) A culminating party where ALL the major characters come together to toast their shared happy ending.

Drunk Parents has both!

Even if they’re deliberately used as wink-wink tropes, being played out to death (should) always kill the yucks.

Now how about some positivity?


A) Jim Gaffigan’s testicular-cameltoe, green-screen-esque tights is an all-time costume design.

B) Alec Baldwin’s walk may be his greatest work of art.

…That’s all the thumbs-ups I got for Drunk Parents.

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