The surreality of reality:

Our Time
Like the unknowable calculus that determines the behavior of the human animal, Our Time defies the reductive categorizations of what can be conveyed through mere words, reaching beyond the bounds of their expressive capabilities. AKA: #CinemaWithACapitalC.

A cinematic language all its own. For cinephiles, the viewing experience is the equivalent of a linguist learning a new language: you may not understand what everything means, but you’re entranced by the process of figuring it out. Other descriptive words I found in my notebook afterwards (because obviously I was too immersed in [gestures vaguely at the whole movie] to remember what I wrote during; call it a #Cinema-induced fugue state): enraptured, enchanted, abrasive, otherworldly, ersatz, bizarro, brazen, hypnotic, startling, gonzo, batshit.

Cassandro, the Exotico!
A documentary The Wrestler.

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