Widly-imperfect generalizations (with exceptions aplenty) ahoy:

You know what’s less funny than tweens trying to be funny?

Tween actors trying to act funny for a camera (which is even more cloying than the usual precociousness of child actors trying to act like…children).

And you know what’s even less funny than that?

Adult screenwriters trying to write funny tweens.

Welcome to Good Boys.

In six months, will you remember a single comedic set piece? You know, the ones these sorts of comedies are STRUCTURED AROUND??

Speaking of which: Judd Apatow-style comedy — the rhythm, the content, the approach, etc. — has blown past its expiration date (see also: Booksmart; is there a reason BOTH soundtracks boast “Nobody Speak”, AKA the “bag of dicks” song? Look, Run the Jewels run my heart as much as the next gal, but apparently the derivativeness of the movies washed off on their music supervisors). Apatowian feels old hat, and hasn’t gone away for long enough to miss it (it’ll come back as retro nostalgia sooner than we want).

To be clear, it’s not a knock to say Apatowese is now tired; it had a FANTASTIC run, especially considering how rarely comedic registers remain successful for such an extended period.

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