Oh No’s

Julianne Nicholson’s long overdue to get cast in an A-list star-making role she’s more than deserved for epochs.

But Monos ain’t it.

Also not it:

There are movies whose stories start too early, and then there are those that END too early. Monos and Freaks, for that matter — fall in the latter category. More on Freaks tomorrow. As for Monos:

Its final note suggests the narrative that lies ahead for its characters: the inevitably messy process of a guerrilla-child reintegrating into a society defined by anything except war, which could’ve been juxtaposed with Nicholson’s transition from a hostage surviving in the figurative and literal jungles of humanity back to the concrete world.

Often, endings could serve as the beginning of new stories, but that works only if what’s come before is even remotely satisfying on its own.

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