All is Wrong

Cats: A movie so infested with lice, I’m writing about it twice.

So I had a teacher back in my schooling days who allowed us to approach her multiple choice tests in one of two ways; either the normal route — we try to answer all of them correctly, and she grades us accordingly — or, the exact opposite. Yep, she challenged us to get every question wrong. Though the numbers might seem to be ever in the latter’s favor — 3/4 possible “right” answers versus 1/4 — there was a catch: if we filled in even one correct bubble, she’d assess the whole shebang conventionally, and 1/100 = not good.

The idea: when faced with a series of choices, it’s almost harder to muck up EVERY SINGLE ONE; over the course of a full test, you’re bound to stumble upon something right at least once. It’s actually impressive to be faced with a litany of decisions, and fail each and every one.

Yeah, that’s the Cats movie.

No matter what you’ve heard, it must be beheld to believe. And if you’re also someone who’s endlessly compelled by figuring out what the fuck is going on and what the fuck everyone was thinking when it comes to a piece of art, then pounce on this one.

A delightmare, indeed.

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