Under the Radar 2020

A now-annual tradition: my ranking of this year’s Under the Radar Festival, courtesy of the Public Theater.

A few notes explaining some omissions:

Only the productions in the official “Program” section qualify for my rankings, because those in Incoming! and others abstain from inviting us critics (which is the reason for the exclusion from the list below of my favorite show of the festival).

I skipped two of 2020’s “Program” entries, because I caught What to Send Up When It Goes Down and Grey Rock‘s premiere runs in New York.

And it feels impossible to compare Laurie Anderson’s trippy To the Moon to the rest, because it’s a 15-minute virtual-reality experience. Augmented reality could be the future of the medium, but without any sort of live component, I’m not sure To the Moon constitutes as “theatre.” Thus, it’s ineligible here.

Without further adieu:

  1. The Shadow Whose Prey the Hunter Becomes
  2. Feos
  3. Not I
  4. Susan
  5. Andares
  6. The Unknown Dancer in the Neighborhood
  7. salt.
  8. The Truth Has Changed
  9. Constellations

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