The Big Apples

Hypothesize and ye shall receive.

In that hyperlinked post, I brainstormed possible eligibility changes for a Pulitzer Prize for Drama that can’t be tied to nationally-nonexistent physical productions.

Well, a declaration from on high has been pronounced to us by the sworn protectors of Joseph’s legacy, and they’ve ruled as such:

“For the 2021 award, eligible entries may also include plays that were scheduled to be produced in theatres in calendar 2020 but postponed or cancelled due to the pandemic, as well as plays produced and performed in places other than theaters, including online, outside or in site-specific venues, during the year.”

While this bending deserves celebration, does the final sentence above imply “outside [and] site-specific venues” are usually ineligible? If so, um, why? I guess it prevents any ol’ bumpkin from qualifying simply by getting their chums together and staging a play for one night in their backyard. But any rich bumpkin could simply rent a “real” theater to qualify, so the rule seems a bit classist?

But that’s a debate for a more conventional year. Until then, this is a worthy stopgap.

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