If He Only Had A Heart/Brain/Nerve

For the like-minded superstitious among us: skip this one.

For everyone else:

If your brain’s as fried as mine after the last three days, you’ll understand why this is all I can muster right now, something I’ve been waiting and hoping to post for four years.


And remember, that’s not the final song of the movie for a reason; Dorothy hadn’t even left Munchkinland for Oz yet! The fall of one witch (or when the proverbial house falls on them) might be celebrated as the ending, when in actuality more witches are on the horizon.

And there will always be more witches. 

So let’s hope we have some brainy scarecrows, hearty tin-people, courageous lions, and good Glindas on the Yellow Brick Road ahead.

Ok, this extended metaphor has overstretched its welcome.

Back to your regularly scheduled programming next week. 


Knock on all the wood. 

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