Readers of Write All Nite now have a second place to find my musings on all things film: Letterboxd.

Write All Nite will still be reserved for more fleshed-out thoughts; my Letterboxd page will be dedicated to bite-sized responses.

Steven Strauss completists (bless your heart; see a therapist) need monitor only three tabs:

My Diary — where I’ll log every movie I watch, new and old, but ratings will be exclusive to new releases.

My Reviews — pretty straightforward (would you look at that: truth in advertising labeling! What is the world coming to?!). Expect words about every new release … and some old titles, when the mood strikes.

My Lists — where I can scratch my power-ranking listicle itch. For example: you can currently find my ongoing, power-ranked ballot for the Academy Awards’ International Feature Film and Documentary shortlists. Coming soon: Mike Nichols’ oeuvre; thanks, Mr. Harris!

Easy peasy Letterboxd squeezey.

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