Boxd In, Boxd Out

A proclamation: I’m changing my approach to Letterboxd.

(For now; c’mon, I’m still me).

Initially, I committed to rating EVERY new movie I see (an old movie I’m getting around to for the first time does not qualify as a “new movie”). But, after wasting hours of my finite life trying to determine exactly how much one meh movie is more or less meh — in terms of stars — than another meh movie, I’m altering course.

Though I personally subscribe to the motto “I’d rather watch a meh movie than no movie at all,” I’m also a proponent of not saying anything when there’s nothing nice to be said. Granted, it’s rare for a movie to boast absolutely no redeeming qualities whatsoever; usually, even the worst of the worst bears at least one element that’s above the worst. But digging to find these tarnished diamonds in the overwhelming rough can require some lengthy elucidating, the sort antithetical to Letterboxd’s breezy social media-ness. In fact, negative takedowns of what deserve to be thrown asunder almost owe it to the besieged to fully explain their rank negativity.

Though it might not be apparent on screen, every movie involves a legion of hard-working, even well-intentioned artists devoting their dwindling days on Earth to the endeavor; reducing and relegating their effort to the dustbin with a flippant “one-star” cast-off feels insensitively curt. Any and all complaints should be backed by and grounded in thoughtful observations, which meh reactions often dampen the inspiration and motivation to write.

And yet, I’m also aware that most normies do not share my subscription to the aforementioned motto; they — maybe even you! — just want to know if a movie is worth their time. Worth is a tricky concept, and of course subjective, but I always prefer to focus on the worthy over dedicating myself to informing the world why a piece of art you might enjoy is actually a piece of shit (Twitter discourse in a nutshell).

I’m not about that life, which is why I’m implementing a new modus operandi for my Letterboxding:

All new movies that range from meh to outright atrocious will not receive a rating from this guy; I’ll log them on Letterboxd sans stars, thereby conceding the floor to voices who can identify positive aspects that my critical faculties failed to grasp.

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