The Cast Project(ions)

Is Ryan Reynolds THE acteur of his generation?

Definition of acteur: an actor auteur. My hypothesis: more often than not, more than any other attribute, Reynolds’ particular comic sensibility basically authors the tone of his movies. 

This thought brought to you by The Adam Project. A few more:

Jennifer Garner is fast becoming cinema’s go-to Mary Sue for suburban moms. Her maternal characters tend to be emotionally and physically there for her kids, all while she represses her inner anguish to maintain an all-is-well / keeping-it together facade for their sake, who — along with her husbands — perennially under-appreciate her. CUE A CLIMACTIC CONVERSATION WHERE EVERYONE FINALLY POURS OUT THEIR HEARTS TO EACH OTHER!!! Aren’t Hollywood resolutions nice?

Also, indie-darling Catherine Keener as the big sci-fi baddie! Just pay no attention to that woman behind the cringey digital de-aging curtain! What ever happened to prothetic makeup? 

As for The Adam Project as a movie: it plays like a Ready Player One, lamp-shading in dialogue its bibliography of antecedent reference points (Star Wars! Terminator!). 

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