Another mark of the Covid era on the theater industry:

The E-ticket age is fully upon us. 

But Steven, digital tickets aren’t new! Too true, my friend. But here’s the thing about the theater community: technologically speaking, we’re perennially behind the times. Whereas paperless tickets have long been an option, now they’ve become the sole option at a lot of venues, in the name of minimizing in-person box office interactions (and, you know, the trees). 

But let’s just say, the results have been cumbersome (remember my unfair generalization: when it comes to device expertise –not dramatic devises– the community’s average falls somewhere between inept and less than adept). Add in the vax check, and the whole charade turns into its own pre-show spectacular/nightmare.

The Shed has devised a system to remove a few of these obstacles: on the morning of the performance, the theater texts tickets directly to everyone’s phones. It’s not a link to access the tickets; no download required; your ticket arrives in a text, in the form of a screenshot, and that’s all you need to show to gain admittance. No need to peruse through a voluminous email inbox to find the right confirmation, no need to scroll down to the bottom of the email — no doubt clogged with other images and messages — to locate the actual barcode.

All you need to do is bust out your phone, pull up the text message from that morning, and scan. Voila! Easy as that!

Is this a huge deal? Probably not. But every second counts, because every unnecessarily added second further delays the curtain. Also, who wants to sit in their seat already stressed and hassled? Again, every streamlined hurdle helps.

So yeah, other ticketing operations: follow The Shed’s lead.

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