Credits Call

Does anyone remember last year’s movie Dream Horse??

Figured as much.

It’s forgettably enjoyable, albeit with the always unforgettably-enjoyable Toni Collette, so why today’s mention?

Because it’s the latest(?) example of a movie that attempts to capture the infectious joy of a musical production’s curtain call concert by having the cast break out into a full-blown, plot-adjacent, song-and-dance routine over the closing credits!

It’s by no means a full-blown afterture, and it’s by no means the first non-musical to end with a rando musical performance— The 40-Year-Old Virgin going full Hair springs to mind — but I’m surprised how few cinematic fluff-balls roll with a narratively-unjustified grooving encore, for the same commercial reasons outlined last week.

And, better yet, we can kill two obnoxious birds with this musical stone.

You know how, year in and year out, the vast majority of the Academy Award nominees for Best Song are tacked onto the closing credits of their movies, usually heard over generic rolling text? If nominators insist on rewarding such naked Oscars thirst — songs used to forward a story > songs used to cap a story — can we at least see *some* images accompanying the song? You know, in a moving image medium? You know, like a curtain call closing-credits musical number!

Keep us in our seats, then send us vibing out of the theater…

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