Does Anyone Else Care?

Did someone mention animated title sequences?

A) High art.

B) It boasts one of my favorite small quirks found in some — not enough! — opening credits.

Did you notice how, once the individual credits start, the animation designs reflect the area of moviemaking mentioned in that specific credit? The “music” credits are accompanied by musical notes; the “story” credit is handwritten letter-by-letter in cursive; the “based on the novel” credit is typewritten out, letter by letter; the “animation” credits are joined by the primary creations of the animators: the pups; the “layout” credit is almost explained by a layout drawn on screen and then filled in, like a tutorial describing what those names contribute to the movie.

And then, the most obvious example: the “colorist” credits immediately lead to colors washing over the frame, colorizing every nook and cranny.

Because I’m a lunatic, I’ve always wondered how many opening credits deliberately do this, where each individual credit appears at the exact moment there’s a filmmaking flourish that demonstrates the talents of the credited area of filmmaking.

It’s like when a band is introduced at a concert, and after the drummer’s name is called, they respond with a little percussive solo, flaunting their skills. 

An “edited by” credit can be projected over a jarring cut, or a flash of sleek editing! A “score” credit can be underscored by a particularly-musical riff!! And a “director of photography” credit can be saved for an especially eye-catching shot!!!

Does anyone else give a shit about such things?

Only me?

Cool cool.

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