Infinity Forgiven

This year’s Infinity Pool and last year’s The Forgiven share roughly the same plot:

A wealthy “Western” couple visit a luxury getaway in a country they deem to be “third world.” After a night of debauched revels, the drunk husband behind the wheel hits a local, embroiling them in native customs that upend their precarious identities, and the movies chronicle their spiraling. 

Though not an equal degree of mirroring, this logline also resonates with two other recent movies:

Last year’s Sundown is about a wealthy westerner who flees to “third-world” luxury to escape his existential ennui, only to luxuriate himself smack in the middle of a violent cultural conflict beyond his comprehension. 

This year’s No Bears isn’t about luxury, but the more westernized and wealthy (relative to his compatriots) main character flees the big-city target on his back, finding refuge in a secluded village. Yet instead of enjoying peace and quiet from his troubles, he gets pulled into what he considers to be this town’s archaic rituals rooted in their “backwards” communal values, ultimately making him feel like a foreigner in his own land. 

But at least he doesn’t have to worry about being cloned…

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