P.S. Fight. The. Power.

A postscript to my screed on original songs appearing in opening credits:

I’m obviously not claiming that Maybe I Do is the first movie to open with an original tune (…let’s just say the movie breaks no barriers in almost any regard). In fact, one of the all-time snubs in the history of the Oscars — just one of the movie/director’s cavalcade of snubs — revolves around an opening-credits original song: Do the Right Thing’s “Fight the Power.”

Though comparing the two might be sacrilege, both of their title sequences guide the audience’s attention towards their respective songs; Maybe I Do gives us nothing else to look at while listening besides the textual credits, and Do The Right Thing visually emphasizes the importance of the song by having Rosie Perez bust all the moves to it while facing the camera — there’s no onscreen stimuli to distract us except the song and her dance.

Almost like the metaphorical song-and-dance of “fighting the power” and “doing the right thing” are major themes of the picture!

Also: Write All Nite’s theme this week is apparently about the power of music…

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