Tweet of Consciousness: Weekend News Roundup

News regarding Escape to Margaritaville; Sweat; Hamilton in London’s quest to stop scalpers/touts; the Stuttering Association for the Young (and Bruce Springsteen, kinda); the Ambassador Theatre Group/Colonial Theatre; and the Nassau Coliseum:

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Tales of the American Heart(land)

Amidst the seemingly endless array of doomsday scenarios regarding the onset of Trump’s America being bandied about by many artists – a majority of whom are obviously liberal – a rare, commonly held bright spot in this darkness is the promise that at the very least some amazing art will be created in response to the years ahead. Very few have ever countered the quasi-adage ‘misery inspires better art than happiness’ for a reason.

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Boogaloo Down Broadway or: My Worried yet Loving Thoughts on How to Stop a Bruce Springsteen Musical from Bombing

Earlier this week, Michael Riedel of the New York Post reported that Bruce (Springsteen…for those who don’t know me) – after years of purportedly refusing to sell his music for others’ artistic (and financial) gain – is now open to lending his vast musical oeuvre to a Broadway musical. 

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NATIONALS PARK: These Are Better Days

A slightly edited version of this piece originally appeared on, which you can read here. If you already did, scroll down a bit to find a lot of performance notes and observations that were not included in the original version.

How do you follow the show heard round the world?

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METLIFE 1: Something in THIS Night

My favorite moment of Bruce and the Band’s final-leg-launching first of three nights in their home state of New Jersey actually occurred hours before the crowd was let into MetLife Stadium. Don’t get me wrong – this proclamation is in no way an indictment of the actual concert, which was rife with memorable moments of all shapes and sizes. Rather, one of Bruce’s song choices during the extended soundcheck[1] seemed to hint at the Boss FINALLY adhering to the wishes of a plethora of his fans that he put a little more thought into his construction of the setlists on this tour.

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EUROPE 2016: Tramps Like Us…

This has been the best summer of my life.

Though a vast majority of this website over the last three months has been devoted to recaps of Bruce’s concerts in Europe, what made this summer so special – and what I’ll remember most about it – revolves around the Bruce Buds that I’ve befriended along the way, a fact that I acutely felt during the final stop of the European Tour in Zurich, whose Pit was overwhelmingly populated with so many of the familiar faces with whom I had forged real friendships over the course of my travels thanks to the European Pit system.[1]

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