I – and Now Tony – Told You So…

A majority of what I wrote regarding the disappointing current Broadway revival of Cats focused on its creative team having the lazy gall simply to re-stage basically their same work from the original 1982 production. I’m not going to take a page from their book and just re-hash what I wrote in that piece, but I did want to call your attention to this little bit of news: 

According to this Playbill article, the Tony Awards Administration Committee has decided that this creative team will not be eligible to receive nominations for their work this year because “they were previously eligible for this work in the original 1982 production of the musical.” AKA they’re being penalized for basically doing nothing but recycling what they did in 1982. I don’t want to say I told you so…but I told you so.

Since this revival apparently isn’t selling like gangbusters, a lack of Tony nominations – and most probably wins – may actually negatively affect its financial success…and I honestly hope it does. As much as I never like to root against a show because they always employ a plethora of talented folks, this decision hurting the production’s bottom line may be one of the best ways to convince future revivals not to just mindlessly re-stage previous incarnations of the show. I commend the Tony Awards Administration Committee for making this ruling that may inspire other theatre practitioners to approach their Broadway revivals with a little more artistic integrity in the coming years.

Because as Producer Roger De Bris taught us, who doesn’t dream of winning Tonys, Tonys, Tonys, Tonys, Tonys…

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