In my continued efforts to cover everything that I see on Write All Nite, I’ve been tweeting my character-restricted, and thus brief thoughts on movies and some shows and other works of art that don’t compel me to go deep on them in a fully-realized, and thus fully-verbose piece. Click here to follow me on Twitter to read these updates in real time, but for those not as technologically-savvy, I’ve also decided to post them on Write All Nite in a new series titled ‘Tweet of Consciousness.’ As the name – and the prior explanation – suggests, these will be my stream of consciousness reactions to whatever I see that doesn’t warrant lengthier responses. They will all retain Twitter’s format, but for those not familiar with it, all you really have to know is that you should read the tweets as they’ll be presented in all subsequent posts: from top to bottom in their chronological order. The titles of each post will contain (in parentheses, like so) the name of the director for movies, and the names of the playwright plus the producing theatre company for theatre. 

Trust me: this will be way simpler than it might sound now. The easiest way to know what I’m talking about is with an example post, which you can find here.

Happy Tweetering!

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