The Worst of the Bests

Write All Nite will not be conforming to the recent trend of every outlet in the world releasing their “Top 10 ____ of 2017” lists IN EARLY DECEMBER, for a variety of reasons.

First off, 10’s an arbitrary number. In the name of maintaining my excessively verbose brand, my lists will include many more entries.

When it comes to the Top 10 Albums of 2017, WE STILL HAVE A FEW MORE WEEKS WORTH OF RELEASES TO HEAR. But soon after January 1st rolls around, I’ll publish my list here.

You’ll have to wait a bit longer for my Top 10 Movies of 2017. Since I’m not invited to attend film festivals nor press screenings, I haven’t seen a lot of movies yet to be theatrically released.

But that’s not the only reason I’m holding off; I sincerely believe that everyone would benefit from waiting a bit to see how the movies settle over time. When deciding one’s favorites right now, it’s hard not to become a prisoner of the moment, favoring recent watches over earlier releases, which perpetuates the Hollywood-created fallacy that the best movies come out during Academy Awards season. Ha! Since I’m an ardent supporter of the notion that movies of equal quality are released year around – especially for those of us who prefer niche offerings over the widely-accessible ones geared towards Oscars voters – I will keep contemplating my list until closer to the Academy Awards ceremony on March 4.

And for everyone who’s already shared their Best Theatre of 2017 lists: HOW DARE YOU. I know readers love to reflect at the end of a calendar year, but every veteran theatergoer should know that seasons actually run from summer to summer. That’s how the Tony Awards evaluate choices, that’s how off-Broadway theatres view their subscription seasons, so that’s how I’m going to fucking do it.

Stay tuned!



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