Though Humble Beast was technically released in 2017, the new deluxe version offers a whopping 11 more songs, all once again regrettably overproduced and thus forgettably average.

In short, they’re more of the same from rapper G Herbo. From the sound of them, he simply decided to share the tracks that didn’t make the original cut.

The only standouts are two features:

Blac Youngsta continues to be perpetually underrated, as heard here:

And Chance showing up on a song with Lil Uzi Vert Mr. Herbo is akin to Michael Jordan joining a 3-man basketball team with you and me:

It’s odd — in a good way — to hear his distinct voice accompanied by such traditional producing, but credit to his flow’s range for making it work. Unfortunately for Herbo, Chance’s unparalleled presence calls attention to the boring conventionality of G’s DMX-lite voice and flow.

This whole release brought to mind this article, which is now what I exclusively think about whenever I encounter an egregiously long album.

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