This Week in Singles

So many singles, so little time:

Goddamn Chris Brown’s rarely involved with a single that’s anything less than eminently listenable…or maybe he just exploits my weakness for summer pop anthems (that hook of a chorus!). But not gonna lie, I like Lil Dicky’s breezy rap style. Also, make sure to stick around for the savage ending…

Drake’s smart enough not to mess with the beat for this remix, because A) it’s already so fuego, but also B) it’s perfect for his flow; I’d happily listen to every major rapper spitting bars and dropping verses and spitting verses and dropping bars and everything else over it. Also, even though I’ve listened to the original countless times, the five-second volume drop near the end gets me every time.

Kygo’s rather talented at infusing straightforward music with electronic flair, as he demonstrated with U2 last year. But here, he should’ve gotten out of the even more talented Miguel’s way, who’s seemingly comfortable in every musical register. The best way to enjoy the song: ignore the cheap drop and just focus on Miguel crooning his best Sam Smith impersonation.

Given my ardent adoration of female pop, I really should fall in love with Sigrid one of these days…but today is not that day. I even like this song’s producing! Something about her voice just lacks sufficient heft for me. Without an overflowing personality that marks all of her music, and and given her uber-generic lyrics, I don’t really see what all the fuss is about? Like what’s her remarkable style? Does she have any style at all?

When big names (Yo Gotti and Rich the Kid) remix a song by a lesser-known artist (Lil Xan), you can expect a fire beat, and “Betrayed” delivers:

A usual Tee Grizzley track: hard HARD HARD!!! rapping over a simple, echoey, and rather well-produced (though not particularly inventive) beat (I do dig the stutter stops at the end). Tee’s really quite adept at building momentum over the course of a track sheerly through his increasingly-amplifying flow. And as usual, Moneybagg Yo’s feature contributes absolutely nothing.

Leave the Hamilton mashups to Weird Al:

Remember when Kaskade wasn’t all about the drop? At least he’s still a master at lush vocals…

In the midst of an R&B renaissance, why is the painfully-traditional NAV still a thing?

DJ Envy should stick to dumb feuds with Desus & Mero.

A terrible song in every way, right on down to the mixing:


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