INTERNATIONAL ARTIST (A Boogie wit da Hoodie)

A Boogie wit da Hoodie’s International Artist boasts a surprisingly-rare mix of R&B and rap…but that doesn’t stop the album from being a true mixed bag in terms of its quality.

There are some genuinely inspired moments of inventive producing: the whistling on “Pretending”, the percussive-echoes of “Best Friend”, the xylophone in “Deja Vu”, the latter of which has one of only two hooks on the album that actually hook (more on the second after the following sentence).

But the rest of International Artist is plainly generic, with no distinctly-discernible tone, largely thanks to Mr. Hoodie’s blandly auto-tuned vocals, the definition of nondescript.

And then there’s the previously-released (and parenthetically-aforementioned) single “Way Too Fly”, one of my favorite tracks on the album…but probably only because I’m such a lover of Drake, and it’s a shameless ripoff of his style.

I guess the 6-God also somewhat blends rap with R&B. But, to his credit, he revels in too many musical influences to as easily classify; A Boogie wit da Hoodie should strive to scale those same heights.

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